Blown and Injected Cellulose

Blown and injected cellulose for thermal and acoustic insulation

Cellulose fibre is a high-performance insulator for the thermal insulation of the roof and the acoustic insulation of the ceiling. Cellulose can be blown in roof spaces (attic) or injected into the walls, floors and ceilings of new or old buildings.

Roof space (attic) cellulose insulation, Isolation Unik

Cellulose for thermal insulation

Made up of recycled newspaper and other biodegradable fibres, blown or injected cellulose easily fills hard to reach places by settling around plumbing pipes and other obstacles. Cellulose fibre thermal insulation thus eliminates voids responsible for air leaks or infiltrations, allowing substantial savings on heating and air conditioning.

Blown cellulose to thermally insulate roof spaces

If you have the following problems, it may be because your attic is poorly insulated:

  • Water infiltrations due to ice building up on the roof
  • Mould stains on the ceiling or walls
  • Sweating walls or flaking paint.

Thermal insulation, cellulose injected in the walls – Isolation Unik

Cellulose for ceiling and wall soundproofing

Cellulose can be blown on certain surfaces or injected in the walls or floors of a building to prevent exterior or interior noises or vibrations to be heard in apartments, condos, hotel rooms and other commercial and industrial buildings.

A team of experts in cellulose fibre installation

As a thermal and acoustic insulation specialist, Isolation Unik has all the expertise needed to install cellulose fibre and uses high-performance insulators such as Igloo’s cellulose wadding.

To learn more about our cellulose installation services or to get a quote, give us a call!

Our main cellulose supplier:

  • Igloo: cellulose wadding, thermal and acoustic insulation product (soundproofing, noise insulation)