Cementitious fireproof coatings on steel and sprayed polyurethane

What is fireproofing?

It is a process by which the steel structure of a building is covered with a fireproof coating. Buildings are made with flammable materials, and this technique allows their insulation against fire. Fireproofing is therefore an ideal way to protect your investment and increase safety inside the building.

Why apply a fireproof coating?

When a cementitious fireproof coating is applied on steel structures and polyurethane foam, it gives more time to evacuate the people inside the building in case of fire. As a matter of fact, fireproofing has the capacity to preserve the treated surfaces, or at least delay the effect of fire on important components of a building, such as bearing walls and beams.

Take for example a steel structure. The heat has the effect of decreasing its bearing capacity. At a certain temperature, it will deform and eventually collapse. By installing a fireproof coating, the steel will retain its hardness longer before starting to give.

Fireproofing experts since 1987

For more than 25 years, Isolation Unik’s experts are specialized in the insulation and fireproofing of new and old buildings in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Choose our experts for the fire insulation of your building.

Isolation Unik’s installation of fireproof products

Isolation Unik’s trained technicians use sprayed cementitious fireproof coatings on steel structures and polyurethane foam. Our work methods are compliant with the Building Code and meet the industry’s highest standards.

In addition, we use highly specialized equipment for the application of our fireproofing treatments, in conjunction with the proven products A/D Fire Protection Systems and Monokote Z-3306. Our fire insulation treatments are permanent, odorless and safe.

A/D Fire Protection Systems

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